Digital signage as a strategy to captivate its guests: CINEMEX

Digital Signage in Mexico has become a very useful tool in communication for both PYMES and large corporations.

Cinemex, a hit case in Digital Signage

The Mexican leading chain in distribution and cinematographic projection Cinemex, has developed a system of digital communication channels to captivate, entertain and inform its guests, with visual experiences in Digital Signage for over 11 years. Luis Cadena, Communication and Digital Advertising account executive mentions that the challenge at Cinemex was to carry out a radical change in the image to generate an innovating and dynamic communication that would make the difference with its competitors.

The strategy contemplated the analysis of the communication needs and the implementation of an integral information technologies solution that placed Cinemex in the lead in digital communication, in the world.

This is how the project took off in 2005 with the renovation of all its movie theaters, nationwide, in order to offer a unique experience to its guests.

The initial proposal included the remote integration of 3 channels with dynamic, appealing and updateable contents: Marquee, box office and candy store. The first channel offers the movies that can be seen in the different schedules. In the box office the prices are updated, depending on the type of each movie theater. The candy store channel is a digital menu shown in three screens that displays the different products and promos; said channel is updated weekly according to the instructions of the marketing department.

Nowadays, Cinemex’ screens network is set in 52 cities all across the country; the project covers 10 channels: marquee, box office, candy store, central café, Red Mango, Alavista, Sinopsis, Poster Digital, Candy Cash and Videowall. It is worth mentioning the implementation of asymmetric Video walls made of 12 42” ultrathin screens that in any given moment become a single canvas where special promos, trailers of coming movies and special events, can be shown

The Scala platform has been used for the design and execution of this project, that allows the operation, updating and content display. Most of the screens are 53” Panasonic ones and the hardware to store contents is Zotac.

The implementation of digital communication channels has allowed Cinemex to improve the communication with its customers, showing how Cinemex has revolutionized the going-to-the-movies experience.

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