Digital Signage in Banking Institutions

The digital transformation has set significant challenges in the different economic sectors, worldwide. In the banking sector, for instance, the migration to online services from customers means fewer visits to a the branches, hence making the experience at any one an opportunity to address a low permeable crowd to traditional advertising.


The future is now

Corporate entities, as well as banks, have modified their spaces and adopted new technologies to enhance the customer’s experience. The prototype of the future bank has suffered many a change of paradigms regarding design, servicies and components, not as an option, by all menas, but as a need to stay competitives Digital signage is a core element that can link the traditional physical world with the virtual one, creating a dynamic and adjustable environment that enhances the perception of modernization , hence ensuring the clients that their bank is definitely ahead in digital innovation. The bank of the future is a concpet that embodies effciciency. Digital signage is visual communications tool is a must that can set the beginning of this era of transformation.

Those responsible for decision making must now must think ahead, in the future and in have their components mold the transformation of their banks. It is a fact that the integration of innovative solutions includes AI, IoT analytics, customized content, beacon monitoring, AR, augmented reality, that is, and POS. Nowadays customers can interact with Digital Signage with tgheir mobile devices, have personal assistants driven by AI using beacons with wayfinding technology to great them by their names when entering the facility. With what purpose? To provide a positive banking experience.


Commercial floors

Use of LED displays and videwalls to broadcast the latest stock market data, exchange rates, stock quotes of the sector, and the like, allowing a larger awareness helping businesses when the decision making moment comes.


Bank branches

To day, many branches already have screens that wecome visitors, display novelties and the most relevant spects of the bank, interest rates, not to mention news in general, while also praising the latest services offered by their bank, helping to reduce the awareness of the waiting time in line .


Communications for employees

Digital signage also helps keeping the staff duly informed with HR anopuncements, company news, birthday congratulations, and more, much more. Digital signage allows communicating and distributing any given message to the whole company, with just one clik.

Banks are definitely ready, not to just undergo just the proposal of services. Adopting digital services at the branch is a sound opportunity to enhance the loyalty of their customers and their brand awareness.

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