Digital Signage in Hospitals

In a workplace where time is of the essence and the environment becomes a stressing place, signage is a useful tool in helping patients, visitors, staff, and even the community of the hospital itself in keeping them all informed, and to improve results.


Something we all do in a healthcare installation is waiting, eventually for quite some time. There are nowadays clinical studies about anxiety, stress, as well as about perceptions of discomfort showing that all these factors can be reduced with digital signage content offering news, the weather, entertainment and a lot more of well-designed messages, about Health tips and general information.


Having a clear feeling of where we are, where we are headed and what we must expect is paramount to reduce the stress levels. Using a Wayfinding solution is effective since it allows people to know how to get where they want to go. It can also offer the self-service app for services, as well as recurrent info.


Implementing a wayfinding with a directory of services, as well as a location map reduces the load of necessary information of visitors. It also reduces greatly the pressure on your staff; since it provides this information of directions by other means, your work team can then focus on more customized services.


Another app we can find in digital signage for hospitals is queue management systems and displays showing the turn of the next party while sharing valuable info for the audience, hence reducing the waiting time awareness.


Digital signage for hospitals is equally beneficial for healthcare workers. It creates a feeling of community and continuity, offering acknowledgements for the team’s achievements, the progress in achieving goals, birthdays, and much more.


The community can also benefit with digital signage in hospitals. They can encourage blood donations, fund raisings and other public events. Classes may also be offered or workshops about health and security matters. It is most relevant to let people know they are in the best hands money can buy, by showing messages talking about prizes and subventions granted to the hospital or to the staff, how the facility complies with the norms, successful cases of study and the community’s outreach initiatives.


The main objective lies in making the live easier for people coming to the hospital. It can begin by getting a basic digital signage system which can be upgraded as time goes by.


With information from Digital Signage Today

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