Reopening of retail businesses; How stores are using digital signage to defeat the pandemic.

As retailers are reopening their businesses and trying to lure customers back, the corresponding experience will be the main component for the success of retail.


The on-store experience


Nowadays, people can buy practically anything online. If asked about purchases in general, they may talk about how comfortable and convenient online shopping is. If asked about electronic devices, homeware, clothing or personal care products, most people prefer buying in traditional stores. All in all, the experience of going to the store in person and see the products physically, does count.

Reopening adds pressure to retailers and with so much at stake, stores should seriously consider Digital Signage as a bridge to close the gap.


Devices to scan temperature


There has been a significant boost in implementing solutions that give way to an increase of the security measures to prevent infections with remote temperature scanning that control whether the interested party has a body temperature above normal standard. Facial recognition and detection of whether the individual wears a face mask or not, are included.  

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Broadcasting of security status


Customers want to go outdoors and enjoy going to their favorite stores, but are reluctant to touch things or be too close to their peers.  People want to feel safe. Using digital signage helps employees to comply with cleaning procedures before opening or after closing businesses. Then, change content during the working hours to remind customers the stores what are doing to keep them safe.  


Accurate communication


Printed static signage can communicate only one thing. Using digital signage allows keeping a continued and appealing communication that enhances keeping a safe distance, abide to security measures and be an information space, useful for customers.


Integrate with technology


People love technology when it eases their daily life o supplies a pleasant experience. Apparel stores can use Digital Signage to supply virtual fitting rooms, while furniture stores and others like Home Depot can help shoppers to visualize their homes with new adjuncts. 


Create and supply customized content


Both AI and IoT combine to create a satisfying experience. For instance, passers-by with mobile phones can receive different messages according to their shopping history and personal interests. Many regular shoppers are pleased when welcomed as old “timers”, o when stores welcome new buyers, updating them about special deals, if they register in the mailing list.

This opportunity to invest in better customer experiences cannot be disregarded. As the world keeps on discovering it’s new normal, stores will have the best experiences with digital signage.

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