What we do

Installation of equipment

The success of any digital signage project lies on its global infrastructure (players, displays, connectivity, and the like) being duly set up and installed.

Our technicians are perfectly skilled to correctly carry out an infrastructure installation of any project, in any given environment, overcoming any challenge. They also have the manufacturers’ certification to ensure the expected performance of the equipment.

We comply with the requirements of each and every project so the installment phase is done according both to the scheduling and specs agreed on with the customer.

Content production

In order to have the communications channels perform according to their communication objective, the multimedia content must comply with several technical requirements, as well as with visual design.

The contents must follow technical specs that allow them to correctly display in all allotted equipment for that purpose, considering issues such as format, resolution, bandwidth and weight of the files, among others.

All production values of the parts of any guideline must be the right one to generate the interest of the audience, as well as to be planned to forward their message, according to both the communication guidelines and visual design of each project.

We develop multimedia content according to the needs of each project, following the best existing practices in the market.

Our specialty is connecting several information systems so that, when required, the guidelines may also insert contents from dynamic sources, such as social networks and from other information systems.

Channels management

Any communications channel on screens is constantly receiving messages from different origins to be broadcasted according to a given scheduling and specific displays circuit. Managing channels is what this reception process is about, along the scheduling and publication of contents to the screens; its objective is to process messages previously programmed and also to be ready to process urgent messages or last minute changes.

The correct selection of the managing platform (software) will ensure that the different contents are distributed according to the requirements of the customer, hence yielding the stability required by the solution.

To honor said important mission, we, at Multimedia Corporativa have developed a specialized management model and selected the ideal platform to face every challenge submitted by any project.


When duly implemented, a communication channel becomes a critical mission project for the company, considering its benefits. The public knows and acknowledges that it receives relevant messages through that channel.

Whereas, a channel with logged out screens, that shows content that is not updated or that is displaying error conditions, creates a negative impact in the audience, also sending a message of disarray and lack of attention.

Considering the abovementioned, keeping an appropriate functioning and correcting any set back in a swift manner, is a paramount and permanent maintenance task.

Since we are perfectly aware of how important this task is at MMC (Multimedia Corporativa), our most relevant mission in any given project is to maintain the displays connected and to broadcast their corresponding info, according the level of service we have agreed with our customers for each project.

We have technological tools and processes that allows us to proactively detect, remotely, failures even before they are reported by the client, also allowing us to identify issues that must be duly approached before they become a failure.

Our staff is ready 24/7 for any problem, either remotely or in situ, to fulfill the expectations of each channel, 365 days a-year.