Ways Digital Signage can make workspaces, companies and businesses, post-quarantine ready

As professional activities begin reopening in several parts of the country and many states begin to loosen COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, business leaders are now wondering how they can keep customers and employees alike, safe and sound from new outbreaks.


Definitely life at work will start flowing again and certain basic sanitation and forms of social distancing will be paramount for any kind of social gathering. One way retailers, restaurants and other kind of stores can help ensure a safe shopping experience is by utilizing new COVID-19 digital tools that can ensure a good post-quarantine experience.




The use of Digital Signage has been integrated in different markets progressively and this outbreak is pushing a great deal of innovative solutions to lead the way into the new normal status.

The COVID-19 outbreak has driven the development of devices that enhance the safety measures aimed at preventing infections. Here at Multimedia Corporativa we have driven the Arges implementation, which is a solution that has a facial recognition display that allows the temperature reading of any individual, with or without the face mask; if any given person shows a higher than normal body temperature, that person won’t be allowed to access the facility. This system can integrate different types of accesses, such as RFID cards, fingerprints, and the like.

Arges also allows any data transfer to the network in order to perform statistics and temperature charts, obtaining real-time user images for a global control of all users, triggering alarms whenever a particular potential situation occurs, or just to carry out specific follow-ups.





It can be easy to get lost in the wave of negative news these days, as people are fearful and uncertain about the future, worldwide. Therefore, Digital Signage allows the broadcasting of safety and prevention messages considering the arrival of the new normal in work spaces, restaurants, industrial plant, etc. Last but certainly not least, in order to enhance the global attitude, encouraging messages can also be shared, such as:


  • Stories about survivors who recovered from the virus.
  • Funny quarantine stories.
  • Content on how your business has given back to the community.
  • Videos regarding habits to improve the quality of life


Digital Signage is after all a tool to improve the customer experience, collaborators, etc. And during trying times such as these, as we begin cautiously and gradually returning to normality, it is paramount that as a retailer, restaurant or any other type of business, you create a positive environment so customers feel comfortable venturing out of quarantine to your stores, whatever kind of ones these may be.

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