Espacios inteligentes con Señalización Digital

Smart work spaces with Digital Signage

Digital Signage has evolved to the point of becoming a comprehensive tool to monitor productivity, run facilities and improve space optimization of office tasks, productive plants, the hotel industry, retail space, etc.


How does Digital Signage technology optimize operations at workplaces?

Nowadays, Digital Signage solutions integrate several systems, from smart sensors in a meeting room, videowalls in lobbies and reception spaces, to working environments both in offices and plants. All these systems help us generate analytics for the sound decision making of how we can optimize spaces and obtain substantial savings.


Optimization of operations in work spaces.
Both small and large companies, as well as educational campus and government offices have positive feedbacks by implementing digital display solutions in lobbies and waiting areas, not to mention strategic spots, since the broadcasting of multiple important messages, like relevant news, safety messages, KPIs results, human resources programs and growth opportunities help build interest and besides, has a great relevance in an objective audience.


Smart spaces
In meeting rooms, the integration of tablet-size smart displays, allows the identification of the availability or not, of any given meeting room. The connection among systems of the same nature allows visualizing the availability of other meeting rooms either on that floor or on others, hence ending the conflict regarding the use of meeting spaces.


Both the implementation of Digital Signage professional hardware and software allow running, monitoring, solve and revive displays and technology related to the solution, free of complications and required field technicians added costs for in-place repairs.


Integration of IoT
Integration of operational data to run and centralize data regarding facilities and to use such data in order to improve the operations that have been simplified with IoT, which means that systems run easily among them and can make real time info available for the facility operators, as well as for the people and companies working in said buildings.


The networks security is a main concern in organizations of all sizes. The security of the managing software must ensure security by controlling how operators log in, either authorizing or blocking access. Last but not least, technology providers must have worldwide acknowledged security managing standards guarantying that technology frees the information existing in networks, from threats and vulnerabilities.

Integrating different technologies makes digital signage widely accepted in working areas since it solves problems, speeds up business targets and has the potential to cut down operating costs.

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