Multimedia Corporativa Release

Considering the current status of this dire situation in the world, which has permeated in our country, Multimedia Corporativa wishes to make a statement to update our customers regarding what we are doing about this delicate situation.

We, at Multimedia Corporativa are focused in not only looking after the integrity, health and safety of our employees, but also of our customers and of our community in general.Hence, in a smooth transition we have encouraged our employees to home office, whenever this was possible, which has been successfully accomplished, to honor our customers’ requests, in due time and top quality.

As for our commercial activities, we, in Multimedia Corporativa, haven’t stopped delivering services to our clients, at full throttle. We are committed to insure the ongoing communication to maintain all communication channels running correctly. Our capability to satisfy all incoming orders hasn’t been affected since we have all the necessary inventory both in our own warehouses as in our partners’, to deliver any request. As for both the installation and shipping of equipment, we are perfectly fit to keep on shipping and delivering, nationwide.


Last but certainly not least, for you, new customers who were counting on meeting with us to begin working jointly, we are more than willing to continue doing so and to launch new projects, in close communication with you all, offering alternatives to succeed in the development of new businesses.


Please, do not doubt in contacting us to open new ways in these dire times. We are committed to offer, as usual, the best possible attention in these times.


A virtual fraternal greeting

Multimedia Corporativa

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