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Since April 2014, Multimedia Corporativa has launched 4 communication channels for Aeromexico:

  1. Flight Information Communication System in the final waiting lounges.
  2. Communication channel in Premier Lounges.
  3. Implementation of the communication channel in Catering.
  4. Implementation of the digital communication channel for Operations

We are part of the constant renewal and implementation of new technologies for Cinemex communication innovation.

We have implemented a network of screens placed at key points within the Cinemex facilities, spaces where customer´s attention is caught “naturally”:

  • Marquee
  • Ticket office
  • Candy store
  • Central Cafe
  • Red Mango
  • Alavista
  • Synopsis
  • Digital and interactive posters
  • Video Wall
  • Candy Cash


This is how we have installed and run more than 5 thousand screens, 1250 players throughout the Mexican Republic.

Sushi Roll has updated its space with a dynamic board menu displaying its dishes in an attractive way aimed at catching the eye of passers-by strolling by their premises; Its digital menu has the ability to update images, pricing, and promotions in a short time, while being displayed in three screens with independent images, but that turn into a single “canvas” showing an image encompassing the three Screens, which makes it even more appealling. Since they can present all dishes all the dishes in their digital menu board, their customers can see all the variety of dishes they can enjoy at Sushi Roll.