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The Las Vegas Digital Signage Expo 2019 confirmed one important point: digital signage goes beyond simple physical displays. We know that content is king and this is why we presented Digital Signage solutions at the Las Vegas Digital Signage Expo 2019, that integrate mobile connectivity and correlated services, hence offering outstanding opportunities of growth in different industrial niches.

  • Lift and Learn

It is a tool developed to benchmark products in a given store as well as deliver information about them, such as how to be more convenient in pricing, the amount of pieces as well as sizes available.

Our app is a tool developed to compare products in any given store and to obtain relevant information about them. The solution is shown to display products of numerous businesses in the retail sector.

  • Taking turns system

Since almost everybody has a smart device in their pockets at any given moment nowadays, we developed a system that allows the user to let know requesting being waited on and that his/her turn may appear on the screen of his cel phone.

This Smart app allows users to wait for their turn in any given place, while being dully informed regarding their turn status. It cuts down the waiting time awareness, increases the satisfaction score granted by customers, and enhances productivity.

The days when digital signage was only what a poster told a customer are over. Nowadays it has a lot more to say. The advanced analytics and data gathering offer new perspectives to the companies regarding the behavior and trends of customers. This will improve the client experience on a customized basis, case by case.