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The users’ expectations are growing at a very fast pace and businesses can benefit from it if they innovate at the same pace. The new generations are interacting with the brands as if they were their friends, meaning that interactivity at any point of sale is a must, for any retailer wanting to be at the technological forefront. Why is that? Simply because interactivity is second nature to the generations to come.

McDonald’s has built a solid marketing strategy by targeting service towards encouraging consumers to make use of the digital kiosks, while showing them how to do so. Within the same strategy, its mobile app offers one promo-a-day, if the customer scans it in the store where they are, by means of said kiosks.

And yet, McDonald’s is very aware that involving its customers, by no means pretends to replace all the traditional ways to communicate, but instead, adapts them to every possible client who interacts with the brand.