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Airports are very active public places in any given large city.  Arrivals and departures of flights offer the opportunity for travelers to interact, exchange ideas, communicate and receive information

How can users be informed in a direct, prompt and efficient way without causing any unnecessary disruption? Digital Signage is a relevant tool that offers both orientation and information to travelers, 24/7.

There exist several solutions in Digital Signage that enhance and ease up, both the dynamics and proper running of airports, worldwide.

Some airports have special FIDS variants, such as Baggage Information Digital Systems (BIDS), or Gate Digital Information System (GIDS). Some other airports use a generic term such as Passenger Information Digital Service (PIDS). Digital Signage is highly visible and paramount in those premises since it delivers the necessary information in real time regarding air traffic control, partitioned in areas than can be connected to different information sources allowing   timely updating of last minute changes.

The implementation of Wayfinding in airports offers detailed information to visitors regarding their location, by means of maps and interactive navigational routes. Interactive kiosks generate a more customized attention for the user since they offer consultation and orientation modules regarding   flights, locations, etc. Both implementations can include money making advertising content by means of brands that will pay to have their own spaces, promoted in maps and directories

Another trending in airport signage is the implementation of videowalls, since they can easily be customized to either change the content or blend with several elements to lure global advertisers, hence boosting sales of advertisement to airport tenants. Upon mixing the advertising content, videowalls  can help airports  create an additional flow of income

More and more airports are going to be aiming at incorporating Digital Signage in their spaces; the updatable and dynamic communication in an airport is paramount since it keeps users informed regarding fight information, precise and updated. By combining said factors with the capability to control the entire Digital Signage from a central location, it will be no surprising to witness that the growth of digital signage facilities becomes a trending for the benefit of workers and travelers.