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The marketing world has drastically changed in the last 20 years; old standing printed ads, newspapers and boards have been replaced by technological tools, loyalty programs and Digital Signage based on data, among other systems.
In the restaurant industry, the latest technological trends are vouching for the development of new channels of orders in mobile apps, on-line sites, etc. Said changes are creating a whole set of opportunities so the experts in Digital Signage take advantage of technologies to refurbish and increase branding. According to said premise, Digital Signage is becoming a fundamental tool in restaurants, increasing exponentially as operators realize the amount of opportunities of flexibility, marketing and development it has to offer.

Many a decision have to be made every day as a restaurant operator. One of them is to figure out how to influence every customer to-be, once they cross the threshold of your business. Many of said operators, unwillingly, disregard the many ways they have to increase the customer loyalty, promote key products and encourage last minute sales. This is why it is paramount to enhance digital signage areas and promotions in the premises.

It is a proven fact that digital menu boards increase sales in restaurants by a margin of 30% or more. Besides boosting sales, a digital menu board can help run inventories, promote articles (dishes) in order to avoid too much food backlog.
Considering how easy it is to program contents, it greatly simplifies changing a given menu according to the timelines of meals, while pricing can be updated in seconds from a central location.

When a diner is waiting for his/her food, a confirmation of the corresponding order can be included on the screens, and it is also an excellent opportunity to publish promos for an additional last minute sale (dish). It can also enhance the customer loyalty by promoting its social web sites, personal social networks, or mobile apps.
The trending for coming years in this industry is to improve the client, guest, or visitor general experience. The goal is to target the benefits of a Digital Signage solution that incorporates topnotch technology that will give a competitive edge, while having the capability to create new marketing opportunities that can strengthen branding loyalty, as well as enhancing more sales.