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Scala is the leading platform in digital signage that allows adapting, managing and distributing contents in an intelligent, scalable and flexible way that guarantees the success of our solutions.



It is the fastest, most cost-effective solution for creating truly dynamic media for digital signage. You can use at will your favorite video and image authoring tools for whole productions or as elements you can create with Designer to create rich, dynamic media that can be quickly and easily changed.


With the Scala Content Manager system, the management and control of your network is greatly improved and simplified, hence reducing the means required to control and maintain it. It has the capability to distribute media based on a plan, timelines, and playlists – that help you keeping track of your network, wherever you are in the world, from any computer connected to the Internet.


Stable and reliable digital playback of signage 24/7, 7 days a week. Topnotch reproduction technology that delivers movement at the sub-pixel level without any stuttering.