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Nowadays digital communication plays an important role in generating satisfactory experiences for the consumer, capturing the attention of passers-by through the interaction of a Wayfinding that allows to find the route and to take the visitors to the correct place with ease and speed.

A study by Red SighAd found that “one in five people who have seen an ad through digital signage have made an unplanned purchase.” It is not surprising that many have adopted this advertising medium to promote a new product or service.

An interactive kiosk is a solution that helps people find their way into public spaces, large complexes or buildings, showing clear directions to different destinations.
Additionally, they provide additional information about places of interest, additional services, and store and product information.

For its effectiveness, its use has grown in several industries, including health centers, stadiums, commercial plazas, museums, corporate and university campuses.

Some of the benefits include:

• Minimizes the search time of a certain place.

• Transmission of updated and interesting information.
• Opportunity to market advertising spots.
• Provides additional information about the company, services, products and general climate or news information.
Wayfinding is an effective digital communication solution that seeks to improve the customer service experience, if you require an interactive kiosk solution do not hesitate to contact us.