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Digital Signage in Mexico has positioned itself as a great communication tool for SMEs and large companies in Mexico.


Cinemex, success case in Digital Signage


The Mexican chain of cinema distribution and projection Cinemex, for 11 years has developed a system of channels of digital communication to captivate, entertain and inform their guests with visual experiences in Digital Signage. Luis Cadena, executive of Communication and Digital Advertising account, says that the Cinemex challenge has made a radical change in the image to make an innovative and dynamic communication that makes the difference with its competition.
The strategy included the analysis of communication needs and the implementation of a comprehensive information technology solution that placed Cinemex at the forefront of digital communication worldwide. Thus, the project began in 2005 with the renovation of all its complexes at the national level with the aim of offering its guests a unique experience.

The initial proposal included the integration of 3 channels with dynamic content, attractive and remotely upgradeable: Marquee, box office and candy store. The first presents the offer of films to the guest at different times. At the box office prices are updated depending on the category of each resort. The Dulcería channel is a digital menu that is displayed in 3 screens that show the different products and promotions, this one is updated weekly according to the indications of the marketing area.

Today Cinemex’s network of screens extends through 52 cities throughout the Mexican Republic; The project includes 10 channels: awning, box office, confectionery, coffee, mango, alavista, synopsis, digital poster, candy cash and videowall.

The project highlights the implementation of non-proportional Videowalls made up of 12 ultra thin 42 “screens that at one point becomes a single canvas where special promotions, movie trailers and special events are deployed. For the design and execution of this project, we have made use of the Scala platform that allows the administration, updating and deployment of the contents. The screens used mostly are Panasonic’s 53 “and the hardware in charge of storing the contents are Zotac brand. The implementation of digital communication channels has allowed Cinemex to improve communication with its audience, showing that Cinemex has revolutionized the experience of going to the movies.






In Multimedia Corporate we developed the project of Digital Signage for Cinemex. We have more than 20 years of experience in the development of specific digital communication tools for companies in various industries.